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1.Since the M6, all the students need to call the office to make an appointment for the theory courses, the payments should be completed at M6 and M8, only 2 days delay is acceptable, after the date, a penalty of $10/day will be charged, please arrive 15 munites earlier for your payments, you could pay by cash or by cheque thank you for your comprehension!


2. If you can't take the following cours, please contact us so that we can make the schedule for you.


3.On condition that you tend to suspend the contract for a duration of time for personal reason, you shall provide a notice to the school and accomplish the administration procedure before the suspension, this duration may not be calculated into the valid duration of the contract, the administration fee of the suspension procedure shall be 10% of the remaining courses (maximum $50)


Office address : 6420 Avenue Victoria, Suite 218,

Montreal H3W 2S7 (Metro Plamondon)

Winter office hours (Nov 25 to March 30)

Monday to Sunday : 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM


Tel : 514-3428688

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