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Requirements for Your Attestation



1. The contract expires within 18 months, after the expiration date, $100 will be charged for an extension of three months, otherwise, the contract is automatically terminated as the waiver of student.

2. Please make an appointment and make sure that your agenda and the learner’s licence are with you.

3. On your agenda, 4 of 15 practical courses: Night driving, Driving in the Rain, Winter driving and Passing should be noted.

4. Three evolution results for the in car sessions 5, 10, 15 should be presented and signed on your self-evaluation sheet by yourself and your monitor.

5. You must follow the suggestion of your monitor, otherwise, another evaluation will be required.

6. If you have suggested by your monitor for the extra hours, the formalities should be fulfilled before getting your attestation.

7. You could only get your attestation 2 months later from your M11.







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