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Top driving school is a right place to get your driver's licences as soon as possible ,here we provide high quality service, very competitive price, experienced and professional moniters and instructors. Multiple languages teaching in both classroom and behind the wheel!


Student Feedback


  • 1. Student Lina,

    My name is Lina, and my driving teacher is Mark. 2 weeks ago I passed the knowledge test. Here are the details about the exam:
    In general the exam was't hard but in order to pass it you really need to work hard. If the student will know by hart the Q/A from the site plus the SAAQ online questions he will definitely pass. Although, some of the questions doesn't appear anywhere. The most important thing is to read the question at least 2 time and understad what is been asked.
    Signs are very important, just know them all by hart.
    Some of the questions are funny easy.
    The exam has 3 sections.

    If the student will do all that, he will not have a problem to pass the test.  

    For me it was easy.

    Good luck for all the students of top driving school.



    2.Student Cao:

    1. When you see ( the beginning of a school zone), what must you do?
    A slow down
    B slow down and control your speed under 50 km/h from 7 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon in the week day.
    C maintain your speed

    Correct answer is B

    2. You are in a heavy traffic and you see another vehicle want to merge in, what should you do?
    A ignore it because you have the right.
    B Maintain your speed in order not to slow the traffic
    C wave and make space for it to merge

    Correct answer is C

    3. A quiz about selecting Dangerous Zone: dangerous zone should include the icy rode which is shown by gray color.

    4. Should know the sign of detour because of work ahead




    3.Student Wang

    1 la personne qui possede une permis d'apprenti ne doit pas :
    -parler au cellulaire quand il conduit

    2 un pieton n'a pas encore passe completement, mais c'est le feu vert pour vous, que faites-vous:
    -attendre qu'il complete son trajet

    3 vous allez chez votre grand-mere a 800 kilometres, vous devrez faire quoi en premier:
    - consulter les informations routiere

    4 dans la situation suivant, laquelle zone represente plus de risque:
    a) autobus scolaire devant vous
    b) un pieton qui passe devant vous
    c) un vheicule derriere vous
    d) un cycliste a votre droite
    answer: b)



        4. Student Daniel:

        Here are some Theory exam difficult questions

        - How many meters away from a pedestrian crossing must you park?
        5m (good answer)

        - Studded tires may be used between
        Oct 1 - April 15
        Oct 15 - May 1 (good answer)
        Oct 1 - May 30

        -What is the minimum speed on an expressway?
        80 km/h
        60 km/h (good answer)
        70 km/h

        When driving at night, you must switch from high-beam to low-beam lights when a vehicle approaching you is at less than
        150m (good answer)

        What is the minimum suggested interval for checking the air pressure of your tires?
        At least once per month (good answer)
        Every oil change

        Image of street
        What is the most dangerous element in this picture?
        answer: there was a police car in the rearview mirror, I did not see it.



        5.Student Law:

        I am XX Law, I passed my knowledge exam yesterday. I did it twice because I failed the part of Road Signs and Traffic Signals at the first one. For the part of Highway Safety Code, Driving and Road Safety, i almost didn't make any mistakes. Try to do all the online tests and exercises before attending the exam which help a lot to pass the exam..I found out that almost all the questions in the exam are similar or as same as the exercises except the part of Road Signs and Traffic Signals. Buying the 2 handbooks might be useful but i didn't have them. Instead of reading the books, I studied the road signs with my husband when we were on the road. Finally, I think the questions are quite tricky, have to read them very carefully.

        How many meters away from a fire hall are you allowed to park your vehicle?
        A. 4 meters
        B. 5 meters (Correct Answer)
        C. 3 meters

        How many meters away from a police station are you allowed to park your vehicle if you are on the opposite side of the roadway?
        A. 5 meters
        B. 5 meters
        C. 8 meters (Correct Answer)

        What does this sign indicate?
        A. One of the lanes is closed to traffic
        B. The left lane is reserved for certain types of vehicle
        C. You are entering a zone where passing is prohibited (Correct Answer)

        This sign marks:
        A. The distance to the next resting area
        B. The distance from the road's starting point (Correct Answer)
        C. The distance to the next hospital

        The minimum safe distance between two vehicles is the distance traveled in:
        A. Under 2 seconds
        B. 2 seconds or more (Correct Answer)
        C. 1 second



        6.Student Zhang:

        Hi, I took my exam in French so there might be some inappropriate translation in the following questions.

        I only remember the 3 questions (the ones that I got wrong), because I didn't pay much attention to the ones that I got right.

        So the first one that I got wrong was in the first section where they asked me: if you lent you car to a friend whose license got suspended, what are the consequences for you?
        I answered you will get your own license suspended as well, but the correct answer is that you will have to pay a fine.

        2nd and 3rd questions that I got are both in the 3rd section:

        2. The situation is the following, you are on the highway, there is a motorcyclist who wants to enter the highway. In front of the motorcyclist, there is a yield sign. You are at the same level as him (but on two different lanes) and you are about to exit the highway when you see the motorcyclist. What should you do?
        I wrote slow down to exit the highway, passing in front of the motorcyclist. The correct answer is maintain your speed and exit the highway while passing in front of the motorcyclist.

        3. Imagine a 2 way street with only 2 lanes, so each direction has one lane. You are driving straight on lane 1, and a truck is trying to pass you using the lane on your left (which should be employed by the opposite direction vehicules). Suddenly, another car on this left lane is coming towards the truck. What should you do?
        I answered stop the car and direct your car to the right (I was thinking so that the truck can access the right lane as quickly as possible). However, the correct answer is slow down immediately.

        Overall, I thought the exam was pretty easy. It took me around 30 minutes to complete it. Don't answer your questions too quickly, think and use your logic before answering. If you stay calm and analyze each question carefully, then there should be no problem. I stayed pretty calm at the beginning, and it was only at the end where I had only one right answer left to complete my exam that I got 2 wrong answers consecutively because I was too eager to finish the exam and leave the place. So my suggestion is really to read the questions carefully and slowly, and use your logic for the questions you are uncertain about.

        Good luck everyone!



        7.Student Tao:

        This is Tao,

        I just passed my theoretical exam, these questions were on the exam:

        1- which of the following images shows the bicycle rider signaling his intention to turn right. (choose from 4 pictures)

        2- What does this sign signal?
        The sign was the green circle with a right pointing arrow.

        3 - How can driving fast effect your driving vision?

        I hope these help!



8.Student Li:

1.If the alcohol concentration is 0.05, what is the risk?
a)1.5 times
d)3 times


2.Which car is in the truck's blind spot


3. In which situation back up is prohibited?
a)ramp of highway
c)private property
d)Entrance of highway


4. Indicate the greatest risk
a) bus trying to get back to your line in front of you


5.When you have an intense conversation with a passenger, what should you do?
a) slow down to concentrate on the conversation
b)stop the conversation and concentrate on driving
c)finish the conversation before arriving the destination


6.When you are behind a truck, what should you do to pass it?

a)Flash headlights
b)Turn signals
d)closely follow




9.Student Armin:

I just passed my theory exam ,i will give you some information:

1-There is a touch monitor that you use it to answer, you can change the language by clicking the HELP/ AIDE button anytime.
2- touch the screen to turn it on.
3- it didnt have any time limit, so take your time and read all questions carefully and dont be stressed about time.
4- Questions were really easy , the road sign questions were the signs which are more used, not the rare ones, but you never know what u will have as a question, so try to read 2 books that u have already. if you read those 2 books you wont have any problem.
5- i had 2 mistakes, one about:  how can we put something in trunk of a Hatchback car in a safe way? you have to choose USE THE SAFITY EQUIPEMENT. i choose "to cover it with something" that was wrong. 
second mistake was a picture, you are driving behind a big truck, the wheels of truck was dry, they asked me look at the picture and say what u have to do in this situation? 
i choose "pass the truck when possible" , but the correct answer was " STAY IN LANE BEHIND THE TRUCK"  because the view range was not enough at picture to check the opposite lane and car was too close to truck, so pay attention to pictures, do not reply too fast, take your time and check the pictures carefully.

if you want to pass the exam read the books once at least, and answer to questions carefully.

I hope it was useful.
Best of luck











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